Friday, January 22, 2010

What's Wrong With This Picture?

I saw this on the ESPN site which Sebastian linked to.

(picture credit Colin Moore)

Is his finger on the trigger?


  1. Again, the vast majority of gunloons have little clue about how to safely handle, operate, maintain and store firearms.

    They all talk a great game, though.

    What's amusing is that when you catch them doing something wrong--they would rather eat glass than admit they've screwed up.

    I caught a buddy of Sebastian's doing something similar--his reply was that he *knew* the weapon was unloaded. Of course, Sebastian defended the buddy. Apparently gun safety is for other people.


  2. Yep, his booger hook is on the bang switch.

  3. Looks like his finger is on the trigger.

    What's he gonna hunt with that...elephants.....or people?

  4. With that rifle, my guess is Coyotes (nice Rambo referance, btw)

    The exeption to the trigger finger rule: check that the firearm is empty by removing magazine (if applicable) then open the action and both look and feel that the chamber(s) is (are) empty. Only then can you trust that it's empty and fiddle around with it (dry-fire practice, holster drills, pose "manly-like", etc.)
    Even after that, don't just say you "know" it's empty, make sure that they know you know.

  5. Kevin, I realize there are exceptions for dry-firing, etc. But when posing for a picture, this sends the wrong message. The message I receive is one of arrogance, the I-know-what-I'm doin' look, and don't tell me otherwise, is wrong.

  6. "Again, the vast majority of gunloons have little clue about how to safely handle, operate, maintain and store firearms."

    You mean gun loons like Diane Fiendschwein, Chuck Schumer, John Kerry, and Al Gore?

  7. Don't worry, I'm not trying to excuse this guy. If you follow my post, we fall under the "we don't know he knows" category.
    You could say that the four rules are also a sort of common courtesy. I know I would feel uncomfortable if someone broke one with me around.

  8. Yes, it looks to be on the trigger.

    That said, at shows like SHOT, the NRA Convention etc. NONE of the firearms on display are operational.

    If someone grabbed a round, loaded it and pulled the trigger it would not fire.

  9. I'd bet money it was the reporter who posed with the picture, as that looks like a SHOT media pass, and my bet is that he is not a gun person and is thus unaware how to safely handle a firearm.

  10. I'm sure you agree, Sebastian, that he should have had a briefing on how to properly handle it. If he is indeed press, where was the PR guy to keep him from looking stupid?