Friday, August 10, 2012

Accidental Shooting of Maryland 4-year-old - Stepdad Arrested

The Washington Post reports

The stepfather of a 4-year-old Woodbridge boy who found a loaded handgun and accidentally shot himself has been arrested on a child cruelty charge, Prince William County police said.

The boy, Kyrell Kyyon McNeill, climbed into a family member’s truck on July 25, found the loaded weapon and shot himself in the head. Jasmine Darnell Matthews, 27, Kyrell’s stepfather, has been charged with cruelty and injuries to children for leaving the loaded gun “in another family member’s unsecured vehicle,” according to a police statement.
Why is it that sometimes the gun owner is charged and other times he isn't? Can you see any obvious difference?

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  1. One was in Iowa, while the other was in Maryland?

    1. Since the story from Iowa gave few details, other than to say that the child in that case was not killed, what do you see?