Saturday, August 11, 2012

Cenk on the NRA and the Gun Manufacturers


  1. I didn't know that Teddy Kennedy tried to buy a gun--he was on the terrorist watch list, after all. Uyger needs to understand, though, that the NRA isn't in the business of selling guns. He also should understand that rights aren't subject to opinion polls--that is, unless he wants to submit his free speech rights to a vote.

    Now, why is it that the gun control people give so little to politicians? Could it be that control freaks have no support? Could it be that the NRA is well-funded because it has huge support? Nah, that answer doesn't fit in with the control freak narrative.

    The biggest thing that Fattiturk needs to understand is that no one cares what he thinks.

  2. What a piece of shit. I love the way he pulls quotes from a letter and tries to tie it into a shooting that occurred weeks after the letter was printed as if the letter was really sent because of Aurora.

    The more the douche bags attempt to demonize the NRA, the stronger they get.